2024 US sports betting analysis – How different age groups bet differently
May 15th, 2024, Kineree Shah

2024 US sports betting analysis – How different age groups bet differently

In our new 2024 US bettor's research report, we explore how different age groups vary in their loyalty and use of sports betting platforms. Most online sports bettors use one or two sites/apps each month. The youngest group, aged 21-24, shows moderate engagement, with 60% using one or two but 10% using four to five sports betting apps and 8% venturing into six or more apps. The 25-34 age group uses a wider range of platforms, with 18% using four to five apps and 9% using six or more.


Among 35-44 aged adults 18% use four to five apps and 9% use six or more displaying high levels of engagement. Bettors aged 45-54 are less likely to use many apps but still show a solid usage pattern. About 15% of them are using four to five apps, and 6% are using six or more. Those aged 55 and above are the least likely to use multiple betting platforms. Only 6% use four to five apps, and a mere 2% use six or more.

The insights from our comprehensive US bettor report for 2024 reveal crucial trends and preferences across different age groups in the sports betting landscape. It offers in-depth coverage on which sportsbooks are trending with specific age groups, which in-app features are most valued, and what the next innovations in sports betting might look like.

Key highlights from report:

  • Different age groups display unique betting habits, with younger users experimenting with more platforms.
  • Insights into the most popular betting apps and sites among different demographics.
  • Examination of emerging trends like live streaming and their impact on betting habits.
  • Data on how bettors are engaging with multiple apps and what drives them to try new platforms.
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