[Webinar] Travel in 2024 - Navigating travel preferences, experiences and AI
May 21st, 2024, YouGov

[Webinar] Travel in 2024 - Navigating travel preferences, experiences and AI

Travel is evolving rapidly, and AI is contributing massively to changing the dynamic of traveler experiences. But how do travelers feel about it? What aspects do they embrace, and what do they resist?

This webinar on Thursday, June 13th, at 2 PM ET will explore the latest travel behaviors and preferences that businesses in travel and destinations should be aware of in 2024, as well as the impact of AI on travel planning and organization.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A jam-packed session designed to help better understand the current travel landscape
  • An exploration into Americans’ travel preferences, experiences and motivations
  • Plus, a spotlight on the impact of AI on planning and organizing travel experiences
Esra Calvert, TTRA and Eva Stewart, YouGov


Eva Stewart, Global Sector Head of Travel & Tourism, YouGov

With a wealth of experience and a keen insight into market trends, Eva has become a sought-after speaker at Travel & Tourism industry events globally and a columnist for Travel Weekly.

At YouGov, Eva leads the travel and tourism practice, collaborating with a diverse array of clients, including hotels, cruise lines, aviation, and online travel agencies. Her strategic vision and ability to translate complex data into actionable insights have made Eva a trusted advisor for travel businesses and destinations.

Esra Calvert, Founder, Esra Calvert Destination Consultancy

Founder of a tourism consultancy centered on the intersection of data analytics and strategic foresight - Esra works with destinations to reach their true North by building a wide, frequent, and lean mindset. Formerly chief data advisor for a successful travel startup and head of research at Virginia's official tourism and film office, Esra is passionate about transforming destinations from analog to digital business models with sustainability at heart.

She is an alumna of Harvard University's Business Analytics Program and completed her doctoral work in hospitality tourism management from Virginia Tech. She contributes to industry efforts as the Travel & Tourism Research Association's International Board Chair, Travel Industry Executive Women Network Board member, and through speaking engagements.


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