3 in 5 Aussies think Mother's Day is a proper cause for celebration
May 7th, 2024, YouGov

3 in 5 Aussies think Mother's Day is a proper cause for celebration

With the countdown on to the second Sunday of May, and Mother’s Day, Aussies are making a dash to the store to buy last minute cards, or lock in lunch reservations.

Although most Australians (62%) agree that Mother's Day is a proper occasion with cause for celebration, one in three disagree. 22% of Australians believe that this day is celebrated because of pressure from brands, and another 12% think it is celebrated because of social pressure.

Celebrating our mothers is seen to be more worthy a cause of celebration than Father's Day (60%) and International Women’s Day (34%). Aussies also saw it as much more worthy than days like a Dating Anniversary (28%), International Men's Day (22%), or Valentine’s Day (21%).

However, Aussies saw it as less of a cause for celebration than a Birthday (77%), a Wedding Anniversary (71%) and New Year’s Eve (64%).

With 63% of Australians planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, most Aussies think our maternal cohort should be celebrated through the giving of gifts (55%).

Half of the nation (50%) also think that the day should be commemorated with a heartfelt card, while another 46% think with a bouquet of flowers.

45% think mothers should be celebrated with a homecooked meal, and 41% think that an outing or vacation should be arranged. Another 41% thinking that mothers should be given a day off from any household chores or childcare.

The most popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day with Gen Z was with the giving of gifts, as agreed by 75%.

Gifts were also popular with Millennials (56%), and Gen X (53%). However, Baby Boomers preferred to mark the day with a heartfelt card, as agreed by 54%.

Methodology: YouGov Surveys: Serviced provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online between 29 April and 2 May 2024, with a national sample of 1,084 Australians, using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Data figures have been weighted by age, gender, and location to be representative of all adults in Australia (18 years or older) as per the latest population estimates provided by the ABS. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Serviced.