Team profile: The worldwide phenomenon of the New York Yankees
November 24th, 2021, YouGov

Team profile: The worldwide phenomenon of the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees is one of the most powerful brands in North America, but YouGov data shows just how far-reaching the brand is around the world.

Across 28 markets, the Yankees enjoy the most support from Major League Baseball fans of any team, with 13% indicating they are followers. The Los Angeles Dodgers (12%) and the Los Angeles Angels (11%) are not far behind the Yankees.

Of those 28 markets, the Yankees appear in the top three most popular teams in 19 markets.


In Colombia – where MLB baseball is enjoying a renaissance – we see the magnetism of the Yankees at its strongest with 41% indicating support for the pinstripes. Cartagena-born Gio Urshela wearing pinstripes probably doesn’t hurt the Yankees figures in the country either. By a wide margin, the club is followed by the Boston Red Sox (24%) and the Miami Marlins (22%) in Colombia.

The storied baseball franchise also has significant support in Taiwan, no doubt a result of star pitcher Chien-Ming Wang – the pride of Taiwan – who made his MLB debut in 2005 with the Yankees. More than a third of fans in the country support the Yankees. The Dodgers (20%) and the Angels (13%) make up the rest of the top 3.

Less dramatic, but still impressive figures emerge out of South Africa, where 18% of fans support the Yankees. However, it is not the most popular team. Its cross-town rivals, the New York Mets, are the most beloved team in South Africa, with 21% indicating support, followed by 19% who claim to be Dodger fans.

The team’s logo itself has transcended baseball and sports in general, appearing in all corners of the world as fashion staple. Yankees were one of the first American teams to market aggressively overseas, leading other teams to follow suit.

But apart from any concerted marketing efforts, the Yankees have the most World Series titles, the most money, play in a media-concentrated city with the biggest sports market in the US.

The history, success, power, and deft marketing of the franchise has made it one of the most important brands in the world.

Methodology: YouGov Global Fan Profiles Data referenced is based on an overall sample size 102 and 995 MLB fans depending on market. Online interviews were conducted in October 2021.