High stakes conversion – the marketing playbook of leading lottery brands in the US
August 1st, 2023, Kineree Shah

High stakes conversion – the marketing playbook of leading lottery brands in the US

In the exciting and often unpredictable realm of gambling, players aren't the only ones aiming for a big score. Behind the scenes, brands work tirelessly to transform brand awareness into a robust customer base. This article compares the performance of three major US lottery games – PowerBall, Mega Millions and Lucky for Life - in their quest to convert awareness into committed players.


PowerBall shows a strong level of Awareness among US adults, with 76.5% indicating they are familiar with the brand.

Furthermore, PowerBall boasts the highest Consideration score among the three brands being analyzed here. Approximately 33% of US adults would consider choosing PowerBall when they decide to play the lottery, demonstrating a conversion rate of 43% from the Awareness stage to the Consideration stage.

Most impressively, PowerBall's Purchase Intent score comes in at 17.4%. This percentage, reflecting the likelihood of consumers opting for PowerBall the next time they purchase a lottery ticket, translates to a conversion rate of 53% from the Consideration stage—outshining Mega Millions.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions closely trails PowerBall in terms of brand Awareness with a score of 71.8%.

In terms of Consideration, Mega Millions maintains stride with PowerBall, achieving a score of 30.9%. This signifies that 43% of aware US adults would think about choosing Mega Millions for their next lottery game.

However, Mega Millions falters slightly in the final step of the conversion process. The brand's Purchase Intent score of 12.6% denotes a conversion rate of 41% from the Consideration stage, lagging behind PowerBall’s 53%.

Lucky for Life

While Lucky for Life has not reached the same level of Awareness as PowerBall or Mega Millions, with only 13% of US adults being familiar with the brand, it still manages to command attention in the Consideration and Purchase Intent stages.

Despite lower Awareness, Lucky for Life has a respectable Consideration score of 3.6%, signaling a conversion rate of 27% from Awareness to Consideration. While this conversion rate is lower than both PowerBall and Mega Millions, it is considerable when taking into account its lower level of Awareness.

Further, Lucky for Life's Purchase Intent score of 1.2% is translated into a conversion rate of 33% from the Consideration stage. This demonstrates that Lucky for Life is fairly efficient at converting those who consider their brand into potential players.


Considering the conversion rates at the Purchase Intent stage, PowerBall leads with a conversion rate of 53%, followed by Mega Millions at 41%, and Lucky for Life at 33%. PowerBall's superior conversion rate from Consideration to Purchase Intent demonstrates its strong position in the lottery industry. Despite lower overall awareness, Lucky for Life proves it can compete with the bigger brands by effectively converting those considering their brand into potential customers, exhibiting potential for future growth.

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