Around half of Twitter users intend to join Threads, but the GenZ show some aversion
July 19th, 2023, Bhawna Singh

Around half of Twitter users intend to join Threads, but the GenZ show some aversion

Meta’s text-based app Threads became the most downloaded app within a few hours of its launch and is on track to become the fastest growing app of all time.

Two weeks into the launch, YouGov’s latest research shows that more than six in ten urban Indians (63%) have heard of the newly launched app, and 37% have not. Around a third of those who are aware of Threads say they have already joined the app as a member (32%).

More than two in five (43%) are not on it yet but intend to join it soon. Only one in five (20%) said they are not on the app and do not intend it join it either.

Although known to be a social media generation, the GenZ respondents do not seem too excited about the new social media app. A little over a third of them (35%) said they are on the app, similar to the proportion of Millennials currently on the app (33%). Having said that, GenZ who are not on the app yet have shown an aversion to join and are more likely than the millennials (13%) and GenX (18%) to say that they do not intend to join Threads. On the other hand, millennials are the most likely to say they will join the app and become a member soon (at 50%).

The survey also shows that over a third (35%) of the surveyed respondents who are currently a member of Twitter, are already on Threads, and 46% intend to join it soon. Only 14% of Twitter users said they are neither on the app nor intend to become a member. Among the generations, we see the GenZ Twitter users show some aversion to become a member as compared to others. Although 33% of them wish to join the app, there is a considerable proportion (25%) that does not want to, highest across generations.

Methodology: YouGov Surveys: Serviced provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This data is based on a survey of adults aged 18+ years in India with a sample size of 1011 respondents. The survey was conducted online between July 11 and 17 2023. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Serviced.