Exploring AI potential and readiness in the IT and telecoms sector – global perspective
July 14th, 2023, Kineree Shah

Exploring AI potential and readiness in the IT and telecoms sector – global perspective

The use and potential implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in various work environments has emerged as a subject of increasing interest this year. This piece examines survey data from 18 international markets to determine the degree of AI integration within the global workforce, with a particular emphasis on the IT and telecoms sector.

Roughly one in six employees, both working full-time and part-time (15%), say that they currently utilize AI software in their roles. This percentage rises to 19% within the IT and telecoms sector.

Additionally, nearly one in five employees (19%) across all sectors indicate that they are preparing for the implementation of AI software. This level of preparation is more pronounced in the IT and telecoms sector (28%).

Nearly a quarter of employees say that their companies have had discussions about using AI, albeit without solid plans (23%). This figure jumps to 27% within the IT and telecoms sector. 

A considerable number of employees remain unengaged with the possibilities of AI. In fact, over two in five workers (43%) across all sectors report no current usage, future plans, or even discussions concerning AI. This percentage falls by half among employees in the IT and telecoms sector (20%), suggesting a higher level of awareness and potential readiness for AI implementation in this industry.

Turning to personal expectations regarding the potential impact of AI, a quarter of the general workforce (25%) believes AI might be capable of performing most of their current tasks. This figure rises to nearly one-third among IT and telecom employees (31%).

Approximately two in five (38%) of all employees surmise that AI may only be able to execute a fraction of their duties. This sentiment is significantly more prevalent among IT and telecoms employees, with over half (52%) expressing this expectation.

Conversely, about two-fifths of the global working population (37%) say that AI will not be able to perform any of their tasks, or those of their colleagues, to the required quality. This perspective is significantly less common among telecom employees, with only 17% echoing this sentiment.

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