A global look into smartphone banking
July 13th, 2023, Christien Pheby

A global look into smartphone banking

How often are people using their smartphones to check their bank accounts? Are we anxiously checking our balance every day, do we prefer not to look at all, or are we simply not using our phones for banking at all?

The last question we can answer pretty emphatically: YouGov Global Profiles data shows that, across several markets encompassing Europe, APAC, North America, and MENA, just 11% say they do not use their smartphones for online banking. This increases to 15% in Europe and North America, and falls to 8% in APAC.

Across all markets, seven in ten say they use online banking on their smartphones at least once a week (70%), with a third (34%) saying they do so every day. Just 13% check their online bank balance less frequently. This doesn’t seem to change dramatically based on region, although consumers in APAC are a little less likely to check every day (31%) than consumes in Europe (36%), North America (37%) or the UAE (38%).

“Perhaps there are more interesting deviations if we look at age groups, rather than region”, you might well think. Well: not really.

Both 18-34 year olds (35%) and 35-54 year olds (36%) are close to the global average (34%) when it comes to using their smartphones for banking at least once a day, although the latter are more likely to check at least once a week (18-34: 72%: 35-54: 76%). We can see that over 55s are less keen to check online banking once a day (26%), but over half (56%) do so at least once a week, while a quarter say they don’t use their smartphone for online banking compared to 7% of 18-34s and 9% of 35-54s.

Banks could therefore benefit from educating older customers about how to use online features or apps on smartphones – it might free up time spent serving these customers in branch or on the phone.

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