The Rise of Neobanks in India
July 11th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

The Rise of Neobanks in India

As traditional banking models face disruption, Neobanks have emerged as true game-changers, revolutionizing how  Indians manage their money. While a lot is known about the technology behind the platforms, the behaviour and preferences of the users of Neobanks is still new territory for marketers in the industry.

YouGov's latest report is specifically crafted for brands who want to understand the levels of awareness, adoption and barriers of Neobanks among urban Indians.

Our report reveals that 52% of urban Indians that are familiar with Neobanks, are currently using them. In fact, Neobanks like RazorpayX and Fi Money are leading the pack, boasting high awareness and usage among Indian consumers. Contrastingly, 48% of urban Indians have never used a Neobank before, so what can influence them to start using one in the future?

Download the report today to get invaluable insights into the Neobanking landscape, including:

  • Urban India's awareness of Neobanks
  • The profile of a Neobank user, uncovering their characteristics and behaviours
  • A comparison of the top Neobank brands based on awareness versus usage
  • Sources of Neobank awareness
  • Key roadblocks and motivators for Neobank adoption
  • Understanding the motivations of Gen Z and Millennials for using Neobanks

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving financial industry. Propel your marketing efforts to new heights by downloading YouGov's latest report today.