UK PR & social surveys calendar – summer 2023 edition
June 27th, 2023, YouGov

UK PR & social surveys calendar – summer 2023 edition

Timely surveys with insightful data can be a powerful vehicle for generating media coverage and social media engagement for your brand.

Looking at the summer months, we’ve curated a calendar of events, celebrations and moments in time that present opportunities for data-led thought-leadership in the UK. Whatever industry you’re in, there should be something here for you.

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Pride in London – July 1st

Pride Month, celebrated annually in June, honours and embraces the LGBTQ+ community's diversity, history and achievements. And within the UK, several Pride events continue to happen throughout the summer months.

Surveys can help brands gain valuable insights into the unique experiences, needs and preferences of their LGBTQ+ employees and customers, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

  • Brands supporting employee inclusion: How important is it to work for a company that supports and celebrates Pride Month? Which company policies would encourage employees to join a company? How many in the LGBTQ+ community feel like they can be their true selves at work? Ask Brits or a targeted sample of LGBTQ+ Britons.
  • FMCG or media brands: How do LGBTQ+ Brits want to be marketed to? Have Brits ever bought a beer or snack because it had a rainbow on it? What flavours are the most LGBTQ+ friendly? Do LGBTQ+ Britons trust advertisers to stick with them if the going gets tough?
  • Leisure and entertainment brands: How many Brits have ever been to a drag show? What about a Pride parade? What’s the bare minimum number of floats or people required for something to be considered a parade?

Tour de France – starts July 1st

9% of Brits say they enjoy cycling in their spare time, according to YouGov Profiles data. Are they planning to tune in for the Tour de France? Who do they think will wear the yellow jersey most? What country will the winner be from?

  • FMCG brands: What do cyclists drink while they ride? Do they bring snacks to refuel? What do they like to eat after their workouts?
  • E-bike brands: Should the Tour de France allow e-bikes? Would more people watch the race if it had e-bikes?
  • Fitness brands: Are more Brits willing to bike for exercise during the Tour de France? What about a stationary bike or interactive cycling classes?
  • Health and pharma: How many of Britain's youth are learning to ride a bike in 2023? How many ride a bike to school? What percentage of Brits wear a bike helmet?
  • Travel brands: How many Tour de France viewers want to visit France after watching the race? What level of influence does the race have on the desire to take bike tours in other scenic locations?

The Championships, Wimbledon – starts July 3rd

Wimbledon is more than a tennis tournament – it’s two weeks packed full of quintessentially British traditions spanning multiple sectors. Involve your brand in the conversation through a survey tailored to your sector.

  • Sports, fitness and leisure brands: How many Brits class tennis as an accessible sport? Are Britons more likely to play tennis during Wimbledon? Does this carry through to the rest of the summer months? Do Brits prefer to play singles or doubles tennis recreationally? Would Brits rather play with or against their spouse? Poll amateur tennis players on their court etiquette – have they ever damaged a racket?
  • Financial services: How important is tennis for networking? Do Brits think that being good at tennis correlates with making more money? How many Britons have conducted business or made valuable connections through tennis clubs?
  • FMCG/alcohol brands: Do Britons drink more, or less alcohol whilst the tournament is on? Do they more commonly drink in or out of home?
  • Media and agencies: Does sponsor exposure affect consumers’ purchasing habits during the two weeks? After the two weeks? Which brands do spectators want to see as sponsors?

National Kissing Day – July 6th

YouGov and your brand, sitting in a tree, P-O-L-L-I-N-G. First comes data, then comes insight, then comes press giving you the green light!

  • Lipstick brands: Can Brits tie a knot with a cherry stem? How many different people have Brits kissed? Do pecks count, or does it need to be a certain length of time?
  • Dating apps: On which date do single people think their first kiss should happen? Does it vary by gender? When did Britons who are in long-term relationships have their first kiss?
  • Pet retailers: Do you let your dog kiss you? What if they just finished sniffing another dog intimately? What about someone else’s dog kissing you?

World Chocolate Day – July 7th

52% of Brits say milk chocolate is their favourite traditional type of chocolate, but why not run a survey to understand the favourite among specific age cohorts, or genders? Lead the conversation this World Chocolate Day with a fun survey.

  • FMCG brands: How do different generations feel about more adventurous chocolate types like ruby, gianduja and caramelized white chocolate? How many Brits store chocolate in the fridge? How willing are Britons to share their chocolate? Does their willingness differ when it comes to colleagues, friends, their spouse?
  • Charities and non-profit: Does Fairtrade certification affect the likelihood of chocolate purchase? How does this differ between different personas? How many Brits feel guilty when purchasing chocolate that isn’t Fairtrade?

MLB All-Star Game – July 11th

The MLB’s annual midsummer classic brings together some of the best baseball players in the American and National League to compete for bragging rights and a possible claim to home-field advantage in the World Series. Despite the game taking place in Seattle, it provides an opportunity to generate press in the UK too both directly and indirectly related to the event itself.

  • FMCG brands: What is the best food to consume at sports stadiums? Drinks? Do Brits prefer to bring outside food into a sports stadium/arena when permitted? Or is it part of the experience to eat stadium food?
  • Leisure and entertainment: What music genre would Brits choose as their walk-up song? What other scenarios outside of baseball should walk-up music be introduced?
  • Travel and tourism: Which cities of MLB teams are the best places to visit? Which has the best food? What do baseball fans think is the best thing to do in Seattle? What reasons do Brits cite for visiting Seattle?

Amazon Prime Day – July 11th - 12th

Amazon Prime Day is an international, 48-hour sales event that offers millions of Amazon Prime members around the world limited-time discounts on a variety of products across multiple categories. As one of the biggest online shopping events of the year, brands, agencies, and journalists well beyond the Amazon ecosystem often strategize around it, lending a perfect opportunity for newsjacking surveys.

  • Consumer technology: How fast do Brits think various electronic devices go out of style and need to be replaced? Beyond discounts, which features and benefits will Prime Day shoppers look for in consumer electronics?
  • Financial services: When Britons are ready to make higher-price purchases, do they wait until there are sales? How long are they willing to wait for various types of products?
  • Health and fitness: How many Britons have home gym equipment, or plan to purchase it? Which exercise equipment do Prime day shoppers plan to purchase this year? For those who have a home gym, how often do they use it?
  • Online brands: How many British consumers have ever left a product review? What percentage of online reviews do Brits think are from real customers, versus the sellers themselves or bots?
  • Retailers: Are internet shopping events fulfilling? What is keeping Brits gravitating toward in-store shopping experiences, and what shopping motivators will never be the same online?

World Ice Cream Day – July 16th

19% of Brits eat shop bought ice cream or desserts several times a month, so it’s clear World Ice Cream Day isn’t “celebrated” just once a year. Still, the officially sanctioned celebration presents a mouth-watering survey opportunity for brands.

  • FMCG brands: Which soft drinks pair best with ice cream? Which pair worst? Would Brits prefer a float or separate containers? Do Brits believe ice cream is an all year ‘round food or only for summer? Is there a generational difference in flavour favour? Is ice cream best out of a cone or cup?
  • Leisure and entertainment: On which occasions do Brits think ice cream should be served? How many Brits pick ice cream as their cinema snack of choice? What level of importance do Brits place on having an interval ice cream at the theatre?

World Emoji Day – July 17th

It might sound niche, but for some industries, World Emoji Day lends the perfect opportunity for brand exposure through newsjacking.

  • Tech and telco brands: What is Britain’s favourite emoji? What impact does age, income-level, gender have on emoji use? Which emoji’s do Britons believe have double meanings?
  • Media/agencies: How do Brits feel about brands that use emojis in their marketing? Do consumers notice messaging that includes emojis more than messaging that doesn’t?

FIFA Women’s World Cup Kick-off – July 20th

With women’s football increasingly centre stage, this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is sure to garner plenty of attention. Run a survey to get your brand involved in the conversation.

  • Youth sports organisations: Is there an overlap between Brits who keep up with the Women’s World Cup and propensity to sign their daughters up for sports? What sports are girls most interested in playing?
  • Media companies: Do fans intend to watch games live or post-event on their own schedule? If watching recorded, what steps do Brits take to avoid checking the score? How high do the stakes have to be before they watch live at an inconvenient time?
  • Travel brands: With this year’s tournament co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, which of their major tourist destinations are most appealing to prospective visitors? What about the other countries competing? Who would win a tournament of attracting international travellers? Compare attitudes worldwide with YouGov’s International Omnibus.

Harry Potter’s Birthday – July 31st

Given Harry Potter’s undisputed ‘national treasure’ status, what better occasion than his birthday for newsjacking in the UK.

  • Airlines and travel brands: Would you trust a flying broom to get you from Point A to Point B? Would you trust teleportation? What concerns would you have with each form of transport?
  • Software companies: Which common tech problems would Britons most want to solve with the flick of a magic wand? Which business challenges would companies want to solve with a magic wand?
  • Sports: Which professional teams match most with the ethos of the different Hogwarts houses? Do Brits view their favourite team as akin to Gryffindor? Which star players would be the best at Quidditch?


International Beer Day – August 4th

With 25% of Brits saying they’re ‘very likely’ to purchase beer or cider in the next 30 days, it’s a firm favourite in the UK. Tap into this topic with a quick survey, whether you’re a brand that brews or an interested bystander.

  • Alcohol and snack brands: With the proliferation of craft breweries and beer connoisseurs, everyone seems to have an opinion on the best brew. What are Brits’ favourite types of beer? Do preferences change with the seasons? And beyond peanuts and crisps, what are the top snacks to accompany a pint?
  • Non-alcoholic beer brands:  Run an in-depth survey to explore what’s driving the shift to non-alcoholic beer. Do most beer drinkers drink to get drunk, or for the flavour? Do non-alcoholic beer drinkers think their pints taste as good? And how much would the average Brit pay to escape a hangover?

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – August 4th

2% of Britons say they eat cookies specifically pre/post workout. Insights like this that are likely to prompt conversation are just one way you can help secure coverage via surveys. And National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is the perfect excuse to commission a fun survey.

  • FMCG brands: Would Brits prefer to receive cookies over flowers via a romantic gesture? What is the perfect sized cookie? Chewy cookies or crunchy cookies? Cookies from the bakery aisle or longer life, pre-packaged cookies? What percentage of a cookie do Brits think should be chocolate versus biscuit?
  • Travel and tourism: Why not run a survey via YouGov’s International Omnibus to discover which nation loves cookies most. How far would Brits travel for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? What snacks do Britons tend to take with them for long journeys?

International Cat Day – August 8th

28% of Brits say they’re more of a cat person than dog person, making them the minority versus 48% who say they’re more of a dog person. But if social media is anything to go by, cat owners seem to be extremely fond of their felines, and passionate about spreading the word. Make International Cat Day yours with a survey exploring Britain’s cat owners and the close relationship with their furry friends.

  • Pet supplies brands and retailers: Do cat owners prefer cuddling their cat, or their partner? How often do they post photos or videos of their cat on social media? And do they actually believe their cat likes them, or is their cat just using them for food and warmth? What breed of cat is the nation’s favourite?
  • Insurance companies: Cats are said to have nine lives. What dangerous activities would Brits take up if they had nine lives? What steps are Britons taking to prolong their one life?

National Bakewell Tart Day – August 11th

With the Bakewell Tart dating back to the 19th century, it’s an English classic. But has its reign dwindled in recent years? Does its favour differ from place to place? National Bakewell Tart Day is the ideal time to find out – and what better way than with your brand leading the conversation around it.

  • FMCG brands: What tweaks on the classic recipe do Brits have a yearning for? Should Bakewell Tarts have cherries or not? Icing or no icing? When present, do Brits eat the cherry first or do they save it for the end? Which age range have the most love for Bakewell Tarts?
  • Travel and tourism: What reasons do Brits give for visiting Bakewell? How heavily does the Bakewell Tart feature in that decision making process?

International Lefthanders Day – August 13th

10% of Brits are left-handed, according to YouGov Profiles. Why not use International Lefthanders Day to celebrate them with a fun survey, or take a more serious look at the challenges lefthanders face in a righthander-dominated world.

  • Golfing brands: Do lefthanders really have a disadvantage on the golf course? How many lefthanders have learnt to play right-handed due to lack of access to clubs or coaches? And what other habits do left-handers bring to the links that set them apart from righthanders?
  • Guitar brands: Take the golf questions above and reinterpret them musically!
  • Any brand that’s “left-leaning”: In years past, many left-handed children were forced in school to use their right hand to write. How do lefthanders believe growing up in a right-hander dominated world impacted them? Has it had any benefits?

National Prosecco Day – August 13th

It’s often compared to Champagne, but do Brits actually prefer Prosecco? Does it depend on the occasion in question? To what extent does favour vary across age groups? National Prosecco Day, like many events, celebrations and moments in time, lends an opportunity for brand exposure through newsjacking.

  • Financial services: How much do Britons spend on Prosecco per year? What is the average monthly saving for those spending on alcohol-free Prosecco versus alcoholic Prosecco? If any. What level of influence does cost have on Brits opting for alcohol-free Prosecco?
  • FMCG and alcohol brands: Would Brits prefer screw top Prosecco? How many Brits find it nerve-wracking opening Prosecco in front of family and friends? How do Britons store Prosecco most commonly? How many people know the importance of storing it on its side?

US Open Tennis Grand Slam – Starts August 28th

While the next tournament won’t have Serena Williams or Roger Federer, it’s sure to cause a racket in the media, and brands can serve up surveys to guide the conversation.

Sports, leisure and media brands: With the recent retirement of several tennis legends, are fewer children and teens inspired to pick up the racket? Who do young players idolise among the new crop of emerging tennis stars?

  • Fashion companies: Are tennis players the best dressed? Which sport has the worst outfits? Do tennis fans think visors are cooler than non-tennis fans do?
  • Gambling companies: What steps do bettors take to make sure they gamble responsibly? Do they set a budget? How often do they stick to their budgets? How many Brits plan to place bets during the US Open? How does this compare to other major tournaments? Has the cost-of-living crisis impacted Brits’ betting frequency?

International Dog Day – August 26th

As we discovered earlier, significantly more Brits class themselves as ‘dog people’ versus ‘cat people’ (48% vs. 28%). Pup centric headlines in the name of International Dog Day are therefore sure to catch the attention of the British people. Add a point of difference to the conversation with a niche survey to ensure it’s your brand dominating those headlines.

  • Animal charities and pet brands: Do people who work at home spend more time with their dogs? Does their dog distract them from work? Do they ever use kennels or dogwalkers to focus? How many Brits have used their dog as an excuse to get out of something work, family or friends related that they didn’t want to do? What is the nation’s favourite breed of dog?
  • Pet-friendly restaurants and hotels: Do Brits miss their pets when on holiday? Does boarding or finding pet-sitters deter Britons from travelling?
  • Companies with dog-friendly offices: How many Brits have ever brought their dog to work? Are workers more willing to return to the office if they can bring their pets? Would they consider switching jobs for a dog-friendly office?

August Bank Holiday – August 28th

As the final opportunity of the summer holidays for ‘back-to-school' shopping, the period leading up to the August bank holiday weekend is a crucial time to stay top-of-mind. Brands that effectively engage with Brits during this period can set the foundation for success throughout the school year. That said, if either BBQs or DIY are more your thing than back-to-school, the beauty of the August bank holiday is that there are headlines that can be made in almost every sector.

  • Retail, leisure and entertainment brands: What supplies are on the shopping list for ‘back-to-school' this year? How often do parents shop for school supplies? One big shop per year or do they split it over the course of the year? What are Brits planning to do for the bank holiday weekend? Run a survey exploring anything from what’s on the menu, to entertainment and shopping plans.
  • Outdoors brands and retailers: Poll hiking pros about the five things they deem essential to take on a day trip. What about a multi-day camping trip? How many Brits have ever peed outdoors?
  • Travel brands: With the summer holiday season coming to an end, the August bank holiday weekend is an opportune moment to survey Brits on where they visited, what they did and how much they spent. Did they face travel disruptions? Did their accommodation live up to expectations? And when will they start planning their next summer trip?