Exploring Consumer Banking Trends in Indonesia
June 30th, 2023, Carmen Yew

Exploring Consumer Banking Trends in Indonesia

Exploring consumer banking trends in Indonesia unveils a dynamic landscape shaped by technological advancements and shifting customer preferences. In recent years, the Indonesian banking industry has witnessed a significant surge in digital banking services, with mobile banking applications gaining immense popularity. Our research has shown that 45% of Indonesians have used digital banking apps in the past 1 month.

As smartphone penetration continues to rise, more consumers are embracing the convenience of mobile banking and QR payments, enabling them to perform transactions, pay bills, and access financial information anytime, anywhere.

Discover trends in Indonesia in the latest infographic:

  • Attitudes towards Digital Banking
  • Top 3 Digital Banking apps
  • Barriers that prevent consumers from using digital banking apps
  • Top financial activities in Indonesia
  • QRIS payment methods
  • Investment activities in Indonesia