America’s most-streamed TV, May 2023: Workin’ Moms, Queen Charlotte and Sweet Tooth
June 20th, 2023, Clifton Mark

America’s most-streamed TV, May 2023: Workin’ Moms, Queen Charlotte and Sweet Tooth

Workin’ Moms, Queen Charlotte and Sweet Tooth are the three most-streamed shows in the US for May 2023. The data comes from YouGov Stream, an opt-in online behaviour tracker which collects global viewership data from a panel of more than 160,000 activated accounts. The chart below shows how many views and viewers each title had on the platform where it was most popular.  The chart also shows the average number of views per viewer (Vs/Vr), which is an indicator of how much consumers are bingeing a particular title.

The most-streamed show in America for the month of May is a Canadian sitcom originally made for that country’s public broadcaster. Workin’ Moms, which follows a group of five women in Toronto navigating parenthood and professional life, was released on Netflix at the beginning of May and has made a splash with Americans. Part of the reason the show has done so well is because it’s so bingeable. Last month Workin’ Moms amassed an average of 16 views per viewer, more than any other program on the top ten list.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story claims second place with 107.2m streams. The entire season of the Bridgerton spinoff was released in May and immediately became one of the most in-demand titles on the small screen.

Ted Lasso is Apple TV’s sole entry on May’s top ten, but it has staying power. The feel-nice Yankee-in-Europe comedy was also one of the was one of the most-streamed TV shows in March and April. It climbed three positions in May to fourth place.

The first season of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new comedy-action series FUBAR was released on May 25, but this was long enough for it to enter the most-streamed list at number nine. The Netflix production follows the dysfunctional adventures of father and daughter CIA officers.

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