Global: Which countries can’t sleep?
June 9th, 2023, Clifton Mark

Global: Which countries can’t sleep?

Sleep is essential for well-being and that message is well-acknowledged by people across the globe. According to a recent YouGov study, nearly three-quarters (74%) of global consumers believe that we need eight hours of sleep per night. Women (77%) are more likely to agree than men (71%) and respondents older than 55 years (71%) are less likely to agree then 18-24-year-olds (76%). 

Majorities in all markets surveyed agree with the eight-hour requirement but there’s still significant variation between markets. 

Mexicans (87%) and Indians (85%) are the most likely to say they need eight hours, followed by consumers in the UAE (83%) and Spain (83%). 

Brits are the least likely to insist on eight hours, at 64%. The Nordic countries also seem to ascribe less important to sleep, with 66% of Danes and 64% of Swedes agreeing with the statement. Southern European countries Spain (83%) and Italy (80%) are at the other end of the spectrum. 

APAC markets lean towards eight hours. India (85%) and China (81%) are both well above the global average of 74%, while Hong Kong (73%) and Singapore (76%) are near the middle of the pack. 

According to data from YouGov Global Profiles, global consumers may not be getting all the sleep they need, with about half (53%) saying they something find it hard to fall asleep. 

Of all global consumers, Britons (68%) and Americans (67%) are the most troubled by sleeplessness. This is unfortunate but, as mentioned above, consumers in these two markets are also less likely to say they need eight hours. 

APAC markets are spread out. China (45%) and Hong Kong (46%) are least likely to have trouble sleeping, with India (51%) also below average. Australians, on the other hand, are the third most likely have sleep trouble at 66%. 

Even though they claim they don’t need much sleep, Danes are very good at falling asleep, with only 49% saying they have trouble dozing off. Swedes do a little less well at 55%. 

A slight majority of consumers in the UAE (54%) say they have trouble falling asleep, putting them near the global average of 53%. 

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