Alienware’s esports partnerships appear to be paying off
February 10th, 2023, Rishad Dsouza

Alienware’s esports partnerships appear to be paying off

Alienware has made some noteworthy investments into esports over the years. The brand that specialises in gaming PCs have had a running partnership with the popular Team Liquid since 2011. Among other forays into the esports space, Alienware also opened an esports lounge at the University of Texas in Austin.

Our data suggests that these partnerships have been not only noticed but have also boosted the chances of esports followers opting for Alienware products. In this piece we look at Alienware’s Consideration scores among esports followers in four diverse markets – the US, Britain, India, and UAE. For the control group we look at PC or console gamers.

Esports followers are those who say they follow esports on a regular basis. Gamers are defined as those who play video games on either PC or console for at least an hour each week. Across all the four markets, Alienware scores nearly twice as many Consideration points among esports followers as among gamers.

In the US, a fifth of esports followers say they would consider purchasing Alienware products (19%) compared to a tenth of the gamer cohort (11%).

Over a tenth of esports followers in the UAE say they would consider Alienware (12%), which is twice the share of gamers who say so (6%). One in ten British esports followers say they would consider Alienware products (10%) when they are next in the market versus 6% of gamers.

Indian esports followers are exactly twice as likely as those who play video games on PC or console to consider purchasing from Alienware (8% vs 4%).

This is another example of how when the right types of brands align with esports teams, the results follow. We had previously conducted a similar case study on Red Bull and found that esports fans tended to be more partial to the energy drink compared to even motorsports followers.

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