Future of media subscription services in the UAE
February 8th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

Future of media subscription services in the UAE

What does the future of the media landscape in the UAE look like? One of the first economic areas to experience digital disruption was the media and entertainment (M&E) sector, and its transition is far from complete. But as companies continue to spend billions of dollars annually on their digital platforms, will consumers in the UAE continue to stick with them?

YouGov data revealed that 21% of UAE consumers will likely stream video much more this year. YouGov’s latest infographic, "Future of media subscription services in the UAE," provides a snapshot of the media activities (which include video, podcasts, and music streaming) consumers did more of in 2022, factors influencing changes to their subscriptions, and much more.

Download the full infographic to get in-depth insights on the future of media consumption in the UAE.

The infographic includes:

  • Media activities done in 2022
  • Intention toward paid media subscription
  • Reasons for cancelling video streaming subscriptions

  • Factors influencing changes to subscriptions in the next 12 months

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The data in this infographic was collected via YouGov Surveys and is based on online interviews of 1,081 adults in the UAE, conducted between 10th –25th August 2022