Who are Saudi’s Smart Investors?
January 11th, 2023, Deeksha Raina

Who are Saudi’s Smart Investors?

Boosted by the Saudi Vision 2030, the financial services sector in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The digitisation of banking and tremendous growth within the fin-tech industry has opened Saudi consumers to new possibilities. With an accelerated disruption of the financial sector, understanding Saudi residents' changing financial behaviour becomes vital for businesses to stay competitive and adapt to capitalise on new opportunities.

As per YouGov Profiles data, 54% of Saudi residents agree with the statement, 'I look for profitable ways to invest money. Our latest Profile Peek report delves into the lives of Saudi residents who look for profitable ways to invest money and how they differ from Nat Rep. 45% of this segment uses STC pay for mobile payments, and 82% plan to save more money this year.

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform, marketers and researchers can understand who these 'Smart Investors' are, their financial preferences, where to reach them, and much more. YouGov Profiles combines unique filters to build up a portrait of the audience you need the most by incorporating media consumption, psychographics, demographics, purchase behaviour, and much more.

Download YouGov's latest Profile Peek report and discover unique insights into Saudi's 'Smart Investors':

  • Key demographic insights for this audience group
  • Their outlook towards personal finance and insurance
  • Most considered banks
  • Payment apps they typically use
  • Their travel habits
  • Their media consumption habits

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