Leisure and Entertainment: 2022 trends and insights of the US market
December 26th, 2022, Kineree Shah

Leisure and Entertainment: 2022 trends and insights of the US market

In this piece, we’re rounding up this year’s highlights of the leisure and entertainment industry in the US market.

The rise of Omicron in the United States began at the start of 2022, making Americans less comfortable to watch a live sports game. As vaccinations and boosters became more widely available, COVID faded into the background, and more people began to step out. But ticket prices of live events became a cause of concern to most consumers as inflation soared. Americans were also feeling the pinch of admission to other entertainment events too (including cinemas and nightclubs) with 23% saying prices have gone up a lot.

With the movie theatre industry looking to recover from the effects of the global pandemic, in this detailed piece, YouGov data suggested that loyalty programs might be one way to bring Americans back to the movies.

The year also 2022 marked the return of consumers to the gym. According to our data, 28% of Americans who go to the gym as frequently as possible track their fitness or diet using fitness apps. A quarter of Americans who do not currently have a gym membership (either because they have never had one or because it has lapsed) said they would consider joining one in the coming months (26%). Cost, location, and cleanliness are three of the most crucial factors that consumers look for in a gym.

According to a fascinating YouGov article, gamers exercise more frequently than non-gamers. We thought it might be interesting to learn what types of gym memberships gamers prefer and we discovered that while the majority of Americans do not compare themselves to fitness influencers, the younger generation does.

Looking at music trends, some of the most popular music genres among Americans are rock, pop, and country, but there is a significant difference between men and women. More information can be found here. Esports fans are almost twice as likely as the average American to say they are “obsessed with music.” They are also significantly more likely to purchase music.

When it comes to gambling, Americans consider easy access to a betting website to be the most important factor (44%) when choosing a betting service. The next most important factor is betting services with the best odds (32%), the best selection of slots/games to play (32%), or the best selection of matches/events/sports to bet on (31%). A third (35%) of Americans who bet on sporting events say they prefer the Super Bowl because it offers them the best chances of winning.

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