The road ahead for future car buying in APAC
December 19th, 2022, Carmen Yew

The road ahead for future car buying in APAC

What’s ahead for drivers and dealers? The auto sector has faced numerous challenges in recent years. The pandemic has accelerated the digital shift across all businesses, auto industry included. While the auto industry traditionally do not have much of an online presence, many car dealerships have taken up online showing to meet the demand of their customers. How would APAC consumers respond to online car dealerships?

With climate change acting as a precedent that fuels this changing need of taking up EVs as a cheaper and more sustainable alternative, and more governments are providing funding and support to increase the supply and demand for EV vehicles. What is the level of interest for EVs in APAC?

Topics covered in this report:

  • Past and future outlook of car purchase consideration
  • Factors that affect car purchase consideration
  • The biggest challenges in the automotive market
  • E-volution of cars
  • Focus on e-luxury and premium vehicles
  • Factors that affect premium car purchases

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