Global: How many Gen Z travelers prefer budget friendly accommodations?
August 10th, 2022, Bhavika Bansal

Global: How many Gen Z travelers prefer budget friendly accommodations?

Comprising almost a third of the global population, Gen Z has become the world’s largest generation. As more and more Zoomers come of age and start traveling, their attitudes will shape global travel and tourism for years to come. Marketers need to understand Gen Z’s ever evolving travel preferences now to position themselves for greater engagement, trust, and sales in years to come.

While health risks are a top concern across all the demographics, the YouGov Travel & Tourism Report 2022 – which sheds light on the travel perspectives, considerations and preferences of Gen Z travelers - reveals that high costs are also a major barrier to travel among 18-24-year-olds.

Data from the report shows that more than a third of Gen Z travelers (37%) identify travel costs as a hurdle, compared to the global population (32%). The price of accommodation is also flagged as an important concern by the Gen Z traveler.

Sensitivity to price can be seen in the accommodation types preferred by 18-24-year-olds. Over a third (35%) of them choose a standard 3-star (or below) hotel or motel, making it the most popular accommodation type.

Although price is a sore point for many in Gen Z, luxury (4 or 5-star) hotels and resorts still rank among their top three travel accommodations (21%). Around two in ten (19%) of 18-24-year-olds are also likely to opt for the independence of a rented apartment or house. This could mean, though they are on the lookout for budget friendly alternatives, some Gen Z travelers do not mind splurging on a comfortable and high-end experience.

Despite health risks and safety being a major concern, 18-24-year-olds are open to travel dwellings that offer unique experiences while being cost-effective – campsites (11%), hostels (10%), renting rooms in other people’s homes (10%) and campervans (8%).

Chosen by only 6%, couchsurfing and cruise ships rank the lowest among Gen Z travelers.

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Methodology: The data from Global Travel Profiles used in this study is based on the interviews of 26,986 adults aged 18 and over across 25 countries in July 2022. All interviews were conducted online, and the results are nationally representative. The countries in the poll include Australia, France, Germany, India, the UK, the US, China, Sweden, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Finland, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and the Philippines. Learn more about Global Profiles.

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