US and Britain – What kind of games do consumers prefer playing?
August 10th, 2022, Kineree Shah

US and Britain – What kind of games do consumers prefer playing?

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, we tap into YouGov consumer intelligence to understand the types of games that consumers in the US and Britain enjoy playing. In this piece we define gamers as adults who spend more than an hour playing video games on consoles or PC.

More than three-quarters of gamers from America and Britain prefer playing games that challenge their minds (77% each).

Among Americans, three in five say they want games that lets them express their personality (61%). A similar proportion say they prefer games which allows them to create their own characters or build their own story in-game (60%). In Britain, over half of consumers agree with those statements (55% and 52% respectively).

Our analysis of the American market tells us that games with big rewards is one of the important factors that draws gamers (56%). Half of them also prefer games that focus on multi-player experience. But when it comes to the British market only about two in five gamers prefer playing games that offer big rewards (39%). In similar vein, only over a third of gamers prefer games that focus on multi-player experience (35%). It is worth noting that multiplayer gaming is more popular among heavy gamers.

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