What do Singaporeans intend to do this National Day? Watch the parade online and stay home
August 2nd, 2022, Fiona Robinson

What do Singaporeans intend to do this National Day? Watch the parade online and stay home

One in three also say Singaporeans are becoming less patriotic

While this year’s National Day celebrations mark the first time the parade has been opened to the public after two years of downsized festivities, latest data from YouGov RealTime Omnibus reveals that most Singaporeans do not intend to join the festivities in person. The greatest proportion of citizens plan to watch the parade and fireworks on TV or online (48%) or just stay home (46%), while around a third said they will spend the time gathering with friends and family (30%).

As for those who do intend to participate in the celebrations in person, one in six plan to watch the parade and fireworks at public viewing points or heartland locations (17%), while a fewer one in twelve said they will be attending the celebrations at the Floating Platform (8%).

Another one in twelve would spend their time shopping (8%), visiting local places of interest (8%) or celebrating in other ways (7%). Just one in ten said they do not plan to celebrate the occasion (11%).

Citizens were also polled on their assessment of personal and public levels of patriotism. While majority identify as being patriotic to some degree (60%), just over a quarter are on the fence, identifying as being neither patriotic nor unpatriotic (27%). One in ten would go further and say they are not very patriotic (6%) or not patriotic at all (4%).

Citizens who described themselves as patriotic were also more likely to say they would watch the parade remotely (58%), at public viewing points and heartland locations (22%) or even at the Floating Platform (10%), while those who identified as being unpatriotic were most likely to say they would not celebrate the occasion (31%).

Looking at how individual levels of patriotism vary across age breaks, young adults aged 18-24 are significantly more likely to identify as being not very patriotic (16%), while those above 55 are most likely to say they are very patriotic (20%).

When asked about overall levels of patriotism – which was most popularly defined as being proud of (56%), loyal to (45%) and loving one’s country (36%) –half agreed that Singaporeans’ level of patriotism has remained about the same (49%). One in three citizens said Singaporeans are less patriotic, while one in ten said patriotism has increased (10%).


YouGov RealTime Omnibus provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online on 28 July 2022, with a nationally representative sample of 1,051 adults in Singapore (aged 18+ years), using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Singapore citizens accounted for 973 of the 1,051 respondents. Learn more about YouGov RealTime Omnibus.