Snacking has evolved to replace lunch for some consumers
June 21st, 2022, Hoang Nguyen

Snacking has evolved to replace lunch for some consumers

For some consumers, snacks are not just an add-on in between meals but a replacement for traditional mealtimes.

A new YouGov report, “The rise of the snacker”, reveals that large shares of snackers in the US (46%), Great Britain (32%) and Germany (39%) are reaching for snacks to replace their lunch (we call them Meal Replacers here), representing a big opportunity for snack brands.

What are “Meal Replacers” looking for in their snacks?

YouGov’s latest report into Snackers from the US, France, Germany and Great Britain reveals the trends and opportunities shaping the industry post-pandemic. Data from the report shows that Meal Replacers are looking to satiate a range of needs when it comes to their snacking choices.

Unsurprisingly, Meal Replacers look for snacks to sustain their energy. A majority of meal replacers in the US, Germany and Great Britain say they look for snacks to keep them going all day. In the US and Germany, roughly half of Meal Replacers seek out snacks that are full of protein (52% and 47%, respectively). By comparison, just a third of British Meal Replacers say they look for similar snacks (32%).

Many are also conscious of how healthy their snacking choices are. Two in five Meal Replacers across the three markets say they look for diet or healthy versions of their favorite snacks.

Roughly a third of all Meal Replacers in the US (32%) and Germany (37%) also say they look for plant-based snacks, something just a quarter of British Meal Replacers (23%) say they seek out in their snack of choice.

How do Meal Replacers find out about snacks and where can brands reach them?

YouGov’s snacking report also delves into key areas of opportunities for getting in front of Meal Replacers. The findings show that this group tends to learn about snacks while browsing or shopping for groceries.

Word of mouth exposure also factors into discovering new snacks. Recommendations from friends and family play a powerful role in finding out about snacks for Meal Replacers in the US (30%) and to some degree in Great Britain (15%) and Germany (17%).

The data uncovers potential for growth for advertising and discovery via social media. Just one in nine Meal Replacers in the US (12%) and Germany (11%) find out about their favorite snacks on social media. In Great Britain, just 5% of this segment find out about snacks on social.

Notably, 17% of Meal Replacers in the US and 16% of those in Great Britain say they have not found new snacks to try recently.

Get the summary report here to learn more about snacking consumption, including:

  • Why people say they snack
  • Which Mondelez snack brands resonate most with consumers in each market
  • The rise of healthy snacking and what people are looking for in healthy snacks
  • The role of sustainability in choosing and purchasing snacks

  • Which snacks brands are trending among environmentally conscious snackers

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