Global Profiles: Advertising trends across APAC markets
July 4th, 2022, Carmen Yew

Global Profiles: Advertising trends across APAC markets

Tastes and preferences of consumers can differ drastically among the various Asia Pacific (APAC) markets. It is important for brands and businesses to localise and personalise advertisements in their campaigns to attract consumers’ attention.

Using YouGov’s latest product, Global Profiles, get deeper insights into consumers’ perception towards different types of advertisements as well as how aware consumers are of advertisements on different platforms. Enrich your audience understanding with the largest selection of demographics, psychographics, attitudinal and behavioural consumer metrics available across 43 major markets, so that you can plan targeted campaigns and effective partnerships.

Download our mini-report now to find out:

  • Perception and attitudes towards different types of advertising
  • Impact of different placements of advertisements
  • The use of ad-blockers across APAC countries

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For this study, Global Profiles tracked 1,000+ questions in 43 major markets, offering the largest globally consistent audience dataset. Sample sizes in Global Profiles vary for each market, however we endeavour to have a minimum of c. 1000 per market, and in many larger markets we will have a larger sample. Data was collected in April 2022.