Europeans are highly concerned about energy prices
May 30th, 2022, Tove Keldsen

Europeans are highly concerned about energy prices

The recent exploding energy prices caused by supply shortages and geopolitical tensions affect consumers worldwide. A new YouGov study shows that 54% of Europeans are highly concerned about these prices.

The study describes how the rising energy prices influence the everyday life of Europeans. YouGov surveyed consumers in Austria. Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Most consumers in Europe are concerned about the price increases (83%), of which 54% are very or extremely concerned.


However, it is mainly Spaniards (82%), Germans (67%), Austrians (63%), and French (59%) who are very or extremely concerned.

Consumers in the Nordics (Denmark 32%, Sweden 33%, Norway 37%, Finland 38%), and Switzerland are less worried. 40% are much less concerned than the other markets.

This, in turn, is reflected in the lower support for the use of government instruments to stabilize prices, and people's fear for the future is also less strong in the Nordic countries and Switzerland. ​

Almost a third of Europeans use less heat

31% stated they use less heating due to the electricity, gas, and heating costs.


A third of Europeans (31%) have changed their habits to save energy, such as shorter showers and using less electricity. At the same time, a quarter (24%) have cut down their costs/spending.

However, 17% of Europeans are not affected by the price increases in energy. Especially consumers in Switzerland are not affected by the increasing prices (31%) compared to the rest of the countries (avg. 15%).

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YouGov surveyed 11.627 consumers from YouGov’s proprietary panel in 10 European countries (Germany n= 2.111, Austria n= 1.078, Switzerland n= 1.083, France n=1.067, Italy n= 1.031, Spain n= 1.060, Denmark n= 1.051, Norway n= 1.020, Sweden n= 1.037, Finland n= 1.089) using standardized online interviews on the subject of energy prices.

The surveys were conducted on the YouGov Omnibus between March 25 and March 30, 2022. The results are representative of the population in Europe aged 18 and over.