Mums in S'pore more likely to wear athleisure than the overall female population
May 5th, 2022, Fiona Robinson

Mums in S'pore more likely to wear athleisure than the overall female population

They are also more likely to consider functionality and brand name in their purchase decision

Touting a harmonious mix of comfort and style, athleisure – or athletic gear that is also designed and worn for leisure or day-to-day activities – has become a wardrobe staple for modern mums. Latest data from YouGov RealTime Omnibus reveals that four in five mums in Singapore wear athleisure (80%), as compared to a fewer three-quarters of the overall female population who say the same (74%). For last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers, this high interest and purchase behaviour hints that the product category could make the ideal gift for mums this Mother’s Day.

Among mums who wear athleisure, working out (65%) and playing sports (53%) are the top instances where they do so – as can be expected, since items from the product category are typically worn during athletic activities.

Of notable interest however is the social situations in which mums say they wear athleisure. Almost half say they wear athleisure when leaving the house to run errands like grocery shopping (45%), while four in ten also say they would wear it to travel (41%). One in three would be happy wearing athleisure at home (32%) or when leaving the house for casual social gatherings (32%), while a smaller one in ten mums say they would wear athleisure to work (11%).

When asked about their main motivations for athleisure purchase, comfort, price and versatility came up tops for both mums and the overall female population. A majority consider comfort (74% for mums; 81% for female total), while more than half look at price (55% for mums; 58% for female total) and versatility (53% for mums; 60% for female total).

Additionally, mums in Singapore are more likely than the overall female population to consider functionality (48% for mums; 45% for female total) and brand name (20% for mums; 15% for female total), with the larger disparity in behaviour being for consideration of brand name.

Among wearers of athleisure here, mums are also more likely than the overall female population to hold positive attitudes toward the product category. Almost seven in ten say they would repurchase athleisure (67%), as compared to six in ten of women (62%). Mums are also more likely to say that athleisure is chic and easy to wear (67%) or live in athleisure clothing if they could (45%).

***Results based on 1,051 Singapore residents surveyed on YouGov RealTime Omnibus. Mums accounted for 149 of the 1,051 respondents, while women accounted for 532 of the respondents.