Global: Gamers are much likelier to be early tech adopters
May 4th, 2022, Rishad Dsouza

Global: Gamers are much likelier to be early tech adopters

Gamers tend to research before buying gaming tech like gaming PCs, mobile phones, consoles, and other tech, making them generally more tech-savvy (or at least better informed) than the general public. Does this predisposition make them an ideal audience to pitch fresh technology-based products and services to?

We look into the subject using YouGov Global Profiles, our newly launched tool which collects continuous data on hundreds of consistent data points across a variety of markets.

Globally, gamers are almost two times likelier than non-gamers to agree with the statement “I am often among the first of my friends to try new technology products and services”. About two in five gamers (42%), compared to about a fifth of non-gamers (22%), agree with that statement.

South Africans top the overall list, with almost two-thirds of South African gamers (64%) saying they are often the first in their social circle to try out new technology products and services. Just under two in five non-gamers say the same there (37%).

Over half of urban Indian gamers (54%) agree with the statement compared to just a third of non-gamers (33%). Exactly half of the gamers in UAE indicate their willingness to try out new tech products and services before their friends and family, again sharply outscoring their non-gaming counterparts (27%).

In North American markets of the USA and Mexico, the gap between gamers and non-gamers is even wider. In both markets, over two in five gamers say they often try out new tech before their friends and family (42%), compared to slightly under one in five non-gamers in both markets. Although the overall figures are lower, Canada follows a similar trend (37% of gamers vs 17% of non-gamers).

The relative gap between the two groups is smallest in Slovakia, where roughly a quarter of both gamers (26%) and non-gamers (24%) say they often try out new tech before their friends. A similar trend is noticed in some other East European countries, such as Croatia (39% gamers vs 33% non-gamers), Hungary (29% gamers vs 21% non-gamers) and Czech Republic (26% gamers vs 19% non-gamers).

For marketers looking for an audience to try out bold new tech products and services, pitching to gamers might be a good bet.

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