The growing power of social media influencers in India
December 7th, 2021, Anisha Sharma

The growing power of social media influencers in India

Building a strong brand is critical for every business, and social media has quickly become one of the most powerful marketing tools to boost brand awareness. Furthermore, companies have turned to social media influencers to trigger persuasive stimuli amongst consumers.

In India, small businesses and legacy brands are extensively tapping into influencer marketing, from celebrities to micro-influencers; they are emerging as a critical marketing tool for brands/companies.

According to YouGov’s data, 71% of urban Indians follow some kind of social media influencer, out of which 80% follow them on YouTube.

Download our latest infographic, ‘The growing influencer of social media influencers in India’, to get insight into types of influencers Urban Indians follow, what degree of trust they have in them, the most popular channels they follow them on and much more.

The data was collected using RealTime, YouGov’s full-service omnibus and targeted research solution, which provides quick survey results from nationally representative or bespoke audiences. India: 1,013 urban online representative samples.

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