Video gaming is down in America. What are players doing?
November 19th, 2021, YouGov

Video gaming is down in America. What are players doing?

The proportion of Americans logging at least one hour of gaming per week has decreased by 8% compared to this time last year, according to YouGov consumer data - no doubt the result of life returning to normal after the pandemic. How can brands maintain a conversation with gamers after they have left their couches for real-life forms of entertainment?

Looking at a few key metrics tracked by YouGov Profiles, we see Americans who play video games are eager to participate in other leisure activities. By knowing these activities, marketers may be able to strike partnerships and campaigns to keep their brand top of mind among gamers.

For starters, more than a quarter of America’s gaming public say they are likely to visit a casino in the next six months (27%), compared with 20% last year. That year-over-year increase is the highest of any activity in this analysis.


If they're not trying their luck at the casino, perhaps they may be grabbing a bite to eat. Like Americans in general, gamers are significantly more likely to dine out at a casual chain restaurant compared to last year (31% versus 24% in November 2020).

This audience also remains more eager to head on a vacation. We see a 14% jump in the proportion of gamers who say they’re likely to use travel or leisure services in the next year (39% versus 34% last year).

After nearly two years of new release movies hitting streaming services, we see gamers are significantly more likely than last year to prefer to watch films at the theater when they come out (46% versus 41% last year). This data point suggests gaming brands can easily speak to their preferred audience through theatrical ads, through partnerships with cineplex chains or even through product placement in movies themselves.

Video games played an important role in people’s lives over the last two years. As we enter the end stages of the pandemic, marketers will have to shift their tactics to ensure they can keep the conversation going.

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