Why Netflix is moving into gaming, in one chart
November 4th, 2021, YouGov

Why Netflix is moving into gaming, in one chart

In one of its boldest business moves since morphing from a rent-by-mail DVD service to a streaming behemoth, Netflix is entering the world of video games.

Starting November 3, Netflix Games started rolling out on Android devices, with iOS availability on the way, the company stated. Users will be able to play one of five games for no additional fee, including two Stranger Things titles. Games won’t include any in-app purchases or advertisements.

Why is the company getting into gaming?

There are many considerations, but YouGov consumer intelligence shows one key piece of data that demonstrates why the Hollywood powerhouse is taking on the gaming industry. Younger consumers in the United States are spending more time playing games than they are streaming content from the big red N. Three out of five Americans aged 18-29 report playing video games for at least an hour a week (59%), compared to 42% who report watching at least an hour of Netflix. Half of those aged 30-44 game for at least an hour per week (52%), while 45% spend as much time streaming Netflix content.

The fact is, streaming services aren’t just battling one another for attention, but they’re also fighting against the rapidly growing video game industry. Netflix’s latest gambit may not only increase its subscription base, but also help deepen engagement with current users.

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