Global Best Brand Rankings: Mexico
November 16th, 2021, YouGov

Global Best Brand Rankings: Mexico

Netflix tops YouGov’s Best Brand Rankings 2021: Mexico

YouGov analysis reveals Netflix as the best ranked brand among consumers in Mexico.

The rankings are based on the Index score from YouGov BrandIndex, which is a comprehensive measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation.

Netflix tops the list with an overall score of 63.8

In Mexico, the top ranked brand was Netflix, with an average score of 63.8. But competition for the top spot was fierce, with Nike coming in second with a score of 57.7. In third and fourth position were WhatsApp and Aspirina, with scores of 53.5 and 52.4 respectively. Samsung was next best, rounding out the top five with a score of 52.3.


Amazon Prime Video is the most improved brand in Mexico

Amazon Prime Video topped Mexico's most improved brand list this year, with a staggering rise of 17.7 points.

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