Global: Trust in healthcare professionals
October 26th, 2021, YouGov

Global: Trust in healthcare professionals

Some headlines around healthcare workers have adopted a more qualified and critical tone compared to the widespread admiration that characterized the early parts of the crisis. Using data from YouGov Profiles, we can take a look at data from over a recent 30-day period – September 10 – October 10 in the UK and US, September 17- October 17 everywhere else – to examine attitudes towards these professionals in five different markets.

In each of these markets, health workers are more trusted when they talk about COVID-19 than not. In Singapore, nine in ten (89%) say they believe what these workers say, with nearly as many Australians feel the same way (85%). Britons (77%), Americans (66%), and particularly Germans (60%) are less effusive, but still considerably more likely to trust health workers than not.

In each case, doctors, nurses, and others who work in the profession are far more trusted than each nation’s respective government. In Britain, just two in five say they believe what the government says (42% vs. 77% for health workers); in the US and Germany, this rises slightly to 45% (vs. 66% of US and 60% of German health workers respectively). For Australians, the gap is far narrower (85% healthworkers; 63% the government); and even thinner in Singapore (89% healthcare; 77% government).


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