October 12th, 2021, YouGov

YouGov purchases Rezonence to scale activation capabilities and publisher partnerships

YouGov has acquired technology business Rezonence in a move that brings our clients ethical audience activation at scale. Rezonence’s FreeWall® technology provides an interactive advertising format that facilitates access to premium online content after consumers engage with an advert or take a micro-survey.

Through Rezonence’s network of publishers, its technology will enable a massive expansion of data-generating and data-deploying touchpoints between us and consumers. It is a major step forward in our development from being an audience insights platform to also being an audience activation platform. It extends our capabilities over a much wider scale in a way that is entirely consistent with the strengths of the data engine we’ve built over the years.

It allows data collection at unprecedented scale, turning hundreds of millions of consumers across the world into potential zero-party virtual panellists for us. By creating and deploying data in a zero-party frame, Rezonance’s technology creates an explicit deal with consumers to share opinions in return for a benefit – such as access to premium content – and control over their data.

The ability to engage consumers as they go about their lives online not only means clients can reach them en masse but they can do so ethically and efficiently. FreeWall® is bought and sold on a cost per engagement model which means the publisher only gets paid when the user actually engages with a survey or ad. This ensures that the advertiser gets 100% viewability, zero ad-blindness and the whole thing is guaranteed fraud-free.