Will Diwali 2021 glitter with gold?
October 4th, 2021, Anisha Sharma

Will Diwali 2021 glitter with gold?

Gold and jewellery play an integral part in Indian tradition as gold is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity. Indians consider it auspicious to buy gold during Diwali. According to YouGov’s latest survey, 26% of Urban Indians plan to spend on gold in the next 3 months.

Download our latest infographic to get insights into Indian consumers’ appetite for buying or investing in gold during Diwali 2021. The data was collected using YouGov RealTime and based on the online interviews of 2,000 Urban Indian adults conducted between August 17 and August 20 2021.

Key insights:-

  • Most preferred type of gold investment
  • Most important drivers of purchase
  • Budget for intended gold purchase
  • Most trusted brands of jewellery
  • And more

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