The usage of mobile networks in Thailand
September 15th, 2021, Nabilla Ramadila

The usage of mobile networks in Thailand

Connectivity is the one word that describes our current society. Thanks to the rapid inventions of various advanced technologies that keep us connected with the world 24 hours a day. 5G is one of the latest mobile network technologies introduced to global consumers. Despite it's been around for a few years already, our study reveals that only 26% of global respondents from 17 markets have 5G-enabled smartphones.

Specifically, in Thailand, we find that only 1 in 6 Thais use the 5G network in their mobile data plan. The majority of Thais (69%) seem to be still using the 4G mobile phone network. However, we also found that during the pandemic 34% of Thais are concerned about low internet signals. Could this be an opportunity for Telco providers to further promote the virtues of 5G's network speed?

Download the full infographic here to take a peek into the usage of mobile network in Thailand including top providers used, average monthly mobile data bills spent and other interesting findings.

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