The switching behaviour of Thailand consumers during COVID-19
September 8th, 2021, Nabilla Ramadila

The switching behaviour of Thailand consumers during COVID-19

After seeing some good improvement of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in many countries across the world, a new mutation of the virus was reported to hit the world with another COVID-19 wave recently. Thailand is not an exception. A fourth wave has struck the nation and it shifts the Thais' habits and behaviour once again.

Due to the government restriction, almost 3 out of 5 Thais are now back working from home. It also shifts their consumption habits since non-essential sectors are not allowed to open. Fresh foods seemed to be the most common products that Thais like to stock up on currently, and 40% of them prefer to save money by buying fresh foods from the wet market.

Download the full infographic here to understand their preferred activities during the lockdown, grocery shopping habits, the top 3 delivery apps used, and other interesting findings.

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