Travel advertiser of the month: Trivago’s success in the US and UK
August 30th, 2021, YouGov

Travel advertiser of the month: Trivago’s success in the US and UK

In the last month, Trivago generated the highest increase in Ad Awareness for a travel company in both the US and UK. According to YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks the health of brands daily, the brand’s score rose by almost 3 percentage points in the US – from a score of 15.4 in July to a score of 18 in August. The travel company also made gains in the UK, increasing its Ad Awareness among the general population by 2 percentage points.

Additionally, as part of its new marketing plan for 2021, Trivago introduced two new features with curated content to help people plan their travel and discover experiences. The “Activities” section connects travelers with excursions all over the world and the “Weekend” offering allows users to find weekend getaways within a 100-200-mile radius.

The new launches on Trivago’s platform seem to have benefited the travel company's advertising reach amid the rise in domestic travel demand in both the US and UK. And according YouGov’s travel rankings another Expedia Group brand – VRBO – is the runner up in the US for the gains it made in Ad Awareness in August.

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