How Miral improved brand health and targeted key audiences successfully with YouGov
June 30th, 2021, Emily Patel

How Miral improved brand health and targeted key audiences successfully with YouGov

Business challenge

Monitor brand performance, evaluate market position and develop growth strategies.

The solution

Using YouGov’s living data solutions, BrandIndex and Profiles, to provide continuous brand health tracking and deeper audience insights.

Business outcomes

Granular understanding of the target audience, leading to the destination being established as a prime location for international investment.

Business challenge

Leading development and asset management company Miral Asset Management were exploring ways to monitor the performance of their brands in order to evaluate market position and develop growth strategies.

Abu Dhabi leisure and entertainment destination Yas Island incorporates several sub-brands within the leisure, entertainment, and hospitality sectors. Operating within a highly competitive local industry, Miral needed a solution for continuously tracking the health of the Yas Island brands vs. industry benchmarks, as well as that of their local competitors, with a view to ultimately grow awareness and consideration amongst their target audience.

Solution & approach

Within YouGov BrandIndex, Miral were able to identify impactful metrics, in particular highlighting Ad Awareness, Buzz and Word of Mouth.

YouGov BrandIndex was used to monitor leisure destinations in both Yas Island’s home market of UAE and the neighboring KSA market, to enable a wider scope of reference for benchmarking and competitor analysis.

This enabled Miral to clearly understand not only their local market position, but also which areas needed improvement. Crucially, YouGov BrandIndex indicated that the theme parks needed to improve their value for money score in order to improve the overall brand health. As a result, the marketing team focused their messaging on the wide range of experiences that guests of all ages can experience in the theme parks.

The tracking data was delivered to Miral within YouGov BrandIndex with customized data available via YouGov Crunch, our easy-to-use, powerful survey data analysis tool.

Business outcomes

The results showed a clear business need for Miral to focus on improving overall brand health, and highlighted the areas that each of their brands should focus on in order to achieve it.

Consequently, Miral have now formally implemented YouGov BrandIndex metrics as part of their KPIs across their destination and attractions.

Following the success of tracking brand health with YouGov, Miral decided to widen their subscription to include YouGov’s audience profiling and segmentation tool, YouGov Profiles. This has enabled them to understand their target audience on a granular level and ensure their comms would work effectively to generate awareness, working with YouGov’s living data solution to plan and track across the full campaign lifecycle.

Client testimonial

"YouGov have been our most trusted consumer insights partner over the past 4 years, going above and beyond the boundaries of the BrandIndex tool. Their services, data and insights have become a core pillar of our brands and our business. We look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.”

- George Emiris, Senior Manager Business Analytics & Adoption