What makes Australian drivers choose an electric car?
June 25th, 2021, Cheryl Kar

What makes Australian drivers choose an electric car?

As auto companies gear up to increase the production of electric vehicles (EVs) for Australian roads, data from YouGov Profiles explores the key reasons that would motivate Aussie drivers to opt for EVs. Our data reveals that while environmental concerns play a vital role for 21% of Aussie drivers, the lower running costs associated with owning an EV (including tax, maintenance and charging) come a close second. This factor is cited by 19% of Australian drivers.

Drilling down into this, it’s not just the lower fuel costs that are at play here. Although they are an important reason for just over one in ten Australian drivers (12%), that still leaves another seven percent to whom the lower costs associated with reduced tax and maintenance are also significant.

The same amount (12%) is also concerned about future-proofing their purchases as petrol and diesel are phased out.

And low price? Well, it’s the sixth-most crucial factor for Aussie drivers to consider if they were to purchase an EV. Opportunity to use the latest technology (5%), liking the brand (4%) and the depreciation of combustion engine-cars (3%) turn out to play the least significant role for the group.

As regulations around emissions tighten, we can expect many Australian roads to see more EVs pretty soon. Our data reveals that four in five Aussie drivers (83%) believe that electric cars are the future of the motor industry, just 17% say the opposite.

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