In the mindset of US heavy media streamers
May 5th, 2021, YouGov

In the mindset of US heavy media streamers

According to YouGov’s International Media Consumption Report 2021, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the decline in traditional media consumption in the US. During this period, however, newer digital properties surged in demand from what was essentially a captive audience.

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting 300,000 variables on 350,000 panellists, marketers and researchers can understand exactly what these heavy media consumers are looking for, where to reach them, and much more.

The Profile Peek below gives powerful insights into these high-value media consumers, specifically those who regularly watch two or more streaming services and have a music streaming subscription.

Download the free Profile Peek for unique insights into heavy media consumers, including:

  • Demographics
  • Their top five social networks
  • Advertising channels for grabbing attention
  • Weekly consumption habits
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