YouGov Framework: How to reach a Super Streamer
April 29th, 2021, YouGov

YouGov Framework: How to reach a Super Streamer

Media consumption patterns have changed markedly since the start of the pandemic, with an increasing portion of the population flocking to streaming services. While a rise in online media consumption could be great news for advertisers, they are also faced with the challenge of navigating ad-blockers.

In this YouGov Profiles framework study, we examine attitudes towards advertising among Super Streamers — people who subscribe to two or more paid video streaming services and at least one paid music streaming service. The data provides insight into the extent to which how marketers can engage different groups within this wider segment by dividing them according to their agreement or disagreement with two core attitudinal statements:

“Advertising helps me choose what I buy”

“I use an ad blocker to surf the internet”

Click here to download the framework and segment profiles