Global webinar: COVID-19: a year in review and what’s next
May 21st, 2021, YouGov

Global webinar: COVID-19: a year in review and what’s next

Over the last year, our 15 million panellists have shared their experiences of the global pandemic with us. We’ve used this insight to provide health organisations with data that helps them understand and fight the spread of the virus, and to help businesses and marketers make data-driven decisions in uncertain times.

Now as the vaccine rollout continues across the globe and the world reopens – at varying paces – our data offers a glimpse into what’s next for organisations, businesses and consumers.

Join Sarah P. Jones from the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, and Marcus Roberts, YouGov's International Projects Director, for an exclusive on-demand webinar.

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What you'll hear about:

  • How preventative behaviours, life satisfaction, and consumer trust have developed over time
  • The latest attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines across the globe
  • How perception of certain brands and public sentiment towards the pharmaceutical industry shifted during the pandemic
  • Re-adjusting after COVID-19 – what measures will make consumers feel more comfortable as they return to normal life

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