Tinder and Love Island: it’s a match
March 26th, 2021, Miranda Kyte

Tinder and Love Island: it’s a match

Dating app Tinder has partnered with ITV to offer hopeful singletons the opportunity to appear on Love Island, ITV’s sunshine filled reality dating show.

Tinder users will be able to activate an in-app Swipe Card which will appear amongst users’ potential matches to send their profile as an audition for this summer’s season. If the profile is selected by the Tinder team, the potential villa-mates will be guaranteed to be seen by the Love Island casting team for review before being added to a priority list.

YouGov Profiles data shows that Britons who rate Love Island positively are mostly female (71%) while one in three are male (29%). Conversely, men are more likely than women to have a positive view of Tinder (60% versus 40% female). Profiles data also shows that two thirds of Tinder’s current members are male (65%), highlighting an opportunity for Love Island to improve their reputation with the British male population.

Two fifths of current Tinder members are aged between 18 and 24 (41%) while three in ten are aged 25 to 34 (29%). Tinder’s users skew younger than those who have positive opinions of Love Island – a quarter are aged 18 to 24 (24%) – suggesting this partnership has the potential to improve Love Island’s reputation among Generation Z.

One in nine Britons in the North West (11%) and one in eight South Westerners (12%) have active Tinder profiles, but these regions have low positive ratings of Love Island (7% and 5% respectively). In contrast, 15% of West Midlanders have a positive rating of Love Island but just 5% have current Tinder profiles. The commercial partnership between Tinder and ITV has the potential to expose both brands to Britons in areas of the country where there’s scope to improve their standing and reach more users.

Image: ITV/Tinder