Jaguar’s all-electric by 2025 pledge generates positive buzz
March 25th, 2021, YouGov

Jaguar’s all-electric by 2025 pledge generates positive buzz

Last month Jaguar announced that it would go all-electric by 2025 as part of its parent company’s wider plan to become a net zero carbon business by 2039.

The repositioning of Jaguar as an electric-only firm comes at a time when car-makers worldwide are pursuing zero-emission strategies to meet strict CO2 emission targets. In the UK, this pledge comes five years ahead of the government’s target to phase out sales of fossil-fuel vehicles and the Tata Motors-owned brand will hope that its early electrification will attract future-thinking high-end customers.

Shares in Tata Motors rose by 3% following the mid-February announcement and YouGov BrandIndex data indicates that the news was indeed good for the brand. Buzz scores for Jaguar (a net score of whether someone has heard something positive or negative about the brand in the past fortnight) went through a period of significant growth: starting at 3.1 on 14 February 2020, the brand’s score more than doubled to 6.7 by 7 March.

The timing of the increase in positive Buzz around Jaguar appears to stem from its commitment to combating climate change. However, the brand’s pledge to keep all three of its British manufacturing plants open throughout the shift may have also contributed to its appreciation in scores.

These moves may explain significant increases in other BrandIndex metrics too. Word-of-Mouth Exposure scores (whether someone has talked about the brand with friends and family in the past two weeks) increased from 3.5 to 5.1 between 14 February and 3 March, with Ad Awareness scores (whether someone has seen or heard an advert for a brand in the past two weeks) similarly increasing by 2.3 points over the same period.

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