Parking sensors the most popular add-on for British drivers
February 25th, 2021, YouGov

Parking sensors the most popular add-on for British drivers

We asked Brits planning to buy a car within the year which add-ons they would consider for their car.

According to YouGov data, more Brits (57%) would choose to add parking sensors than any other optional extra. Parking sensors – which improve car safety when you park or reverse – positively impact resale value, which may be a significant consideration for our respondents.

The second most valued extra is a rear-view parking camera (47%). Although offering many of the same benefits as parking sensors, this extra appears to be more popular amongst older age groups. Roughly half (53%) of those over the age of 55 favour the rear-view compared to just 36% between the ages of 18-24.

Car electronic accessories and communication systems are similarly valued by Brits who seek a more entertaining driving experience, with USB ports (47%) and smartphone integration (42%) also on the list. Although popular among younger age groups, these accessories may be considered unnecessary by those aged 55 or above - interest in USB ports (41%) and smartphone integration (31%) is significantly lower in this demographic than across other age groups.

Our final add-on is a hybrid drive option (35%). Combining the ability to drive on electric power alone with a petrol or diesel engine, hybrid cars – an option which appears to be favoured most by those aged between 40-54 (41%) – offer great fuel economy while also being better for the environment than their petrol-only equivalents. Men also appear the more likely to consider the add-on (63%), whilst demand for the option stems primarily from those living in urban areas (78%).

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