Brits are ditching bras and showering less in lockdown
February 23rd, 2021, Eir Nolsoe

Brits are ditching bras and showering less in lockdown

A small minority even admit to wearing the same underwear and socks for longer

Is there any point in dressing up – or getting dressed at all – to stay in? Many Britons think not. New YouGov data shows the extent to which people have relaxed personal grooming habits in lockdown.

Three in five people who normally wear makeup say they’re using it a little (17%) or much less (46%) compared with before the pandemic.

Similarly, half of people who normally style their hair are not that bothered either. This includes a fifth (20%) who report a small decline, while three in ten (29%) are doing it much less often.

A third of women (34%) admit lockdown has been an opportunity to ditch the bra, with a fifth (20%) saying they now wear one ‘much less’ frequently.

Younger women are even more likely to embrace going braless. Two thirds of those aged 18-24 say they’re wearing bras less often, including 43% who point to a big decrease.

People are wearing the same clothes for longer and showering less

Three in ten Britons (29%) say they’re less inclined than usual to put on fresh clothes. A quarter (25%) have also cut down on hairwashes. Women are twice as likely as men to delay it at 32% vs. 16%.

Showering in general is down, with one in six people (17%) doing so less often, however one in ten (10%) say they actually shower more frequently. Younger people aged 18 to 24 are the most prone to skip showers at 27%.

A small minority are making some more questionable changes. Some 8% report becoming more lax with putting on fresh underwear and socks, including 3% who say this happens much less regularly. But a similar figure (6%) are doing so more often.

While one in ten Britons (10%) say they brush their teeth more often in the current lockdown, a few (6%) admit going longer without. But most (5%) insist it’s only “a little less often”.

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