Purchase consideration for DIY stores rises in 2020
January 27th, 2021, YouGov

Purchase consideration for DIY stores rises in 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic may have stimulated the UK DIY sector in 2020, with bored householders funnelling their time and money into home improvements.

Kingfisher plc - operating in the UK under retail banners B&Q and Screwfix – capitalised on the fact that DIY stores retained their “essential” status, as, from April onwards, all 1,380 stores nationwide were able to remain open for in-store purchasing.

In YouGov’s BrandIndex, B&Q and Screwfix both registered jumps in brand Consideration scores – whether someone would consider purchasing from the brand in the future - across 2020. With scores rising from 48 and 33.1 to 51.5 and 36.3 respectively.

Isolated UK residents focusing disposable income on updating their home saw Kingfisher plc perform particularly well during national lockdowns, with demand focused on paint, building and decorating materials.

These lockdowns appear to have stimulated spikes in Consideration scores for both brands. B&Q, whose Consideration score in 2020 ranked second across all brands in YouGov’s general retail category, experienced a steady rise in consideration before spiking in May at 55.1. While Screwfix’s consideration score rose sharply in early March to 38.2, steadied in subsequent months before peaking towards the Christmas period with a score of 38.3.

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