The Digital News Report 2021
January 25th, 2021, YouGov

The Digital News Report 2021

How YouGov helped Reuters produce the world’s biggest ongoing survey tracking online news and engagement

The Challenge

Gather reliable global information for academics, publishers and media owners in order to:

  • Create the biggest and most reliable study addressing the major issues within the world of news media
  • Grow into new markets to continually provide comparable perspective from the biggest global audience possible
  • Deliver reliable opinion to challenging timescales in a fast-changing landscape

The Approach

Live streaming data: Online survey data with live streaming of results for early data comparison across 46 markets

The Impact

Coverage in the first week:

  • 1,300+ news articles across 63 countries
  • 1.4m Twitter impressions
  • 11,000+ downloads

Key findings cover and include:

Pandemic impact: Television news has been boosted whilst print newspapers saw a decline, accelerating the shift towards an all-digital future

Trust in the news: Risen by 6% worldwide, with highest levels in Finland (65%) and lowest in the US (29%)

Threat of misinformation: 58% of the world remain concerned about fake news on the internet

Social media: TikTok now reaches a quarter of the world’s under 35’s, with 7% of this group using it for news

Devices for news sources: Smart phones are the fastest growing device for news, with 61% of the world using them as their main device for news

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