Who are Britain’s bargain hunters?
September 17th, 2020, YouGov

Who are Britain’s bargain hunters?

YouGov Profiles takes a look and discovers that it’s not a habit born of necessity and that it is found in shoppers from all economic backgrounds

One in three Britons (32%) definitely agree with the statement “I’m always on the lookout for special offers”. But who are these bargain hunters?

Such Brits tend to be female (53%) and are also younger than the rest of the population (70% are under the age of 55, compared to 57% of those less observant of special offers).

In terms of household income, there’s little separating bargain hunters from the rest of the population, suggesting that it’s not necessarily a habit born of necessity.

When asked what statements they agreed with about retail they are most likely to say “whenever I shop I make sure I utilise all sales, coupons, and deals” (81%) when compared with the rest of the population (57%).

They are also much more likely to say “I do have favourite brands, but if a different brand is on offer I'll buy that instead” (83% vs 65%) and “I think all brands should offer loyalty programmes” (61% vs 43%).

As can be seen from the chart, positive statements about loyalty programmes feature heavily in the top ten retail statements bargain hunters are most likely to agree with. Seven in ten special offer shoppers (71%) say they are currently a member of a loyalty programme, slightly higher than the rate amongst the population as a whole (65%).

Looking at the brands that special offer shoppers are more likely to prefer reveals that high street book shop The Works tops the list, with 65% having a positive view of the brand compared to 45% of the rest of Britain.

Second is Tu Clothing, the Sainsbury’s fashion label, which 63% of bargain hunters have a positive view of versus 43% of everyone else. Rounding out the top five are Topps Tiles, 99p Stores and Card Factory.

On average special offer shoppers visit 3.4 different supermarkets, compared to 3.1 for everyone else.

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