The European Electric Car Market 2020
September 14th, 2020, YouGov

The European Electric Car Market 2020

YouGov analysis of consumer perception across nine European markets.

The transition to electric cars and away from petrol and diesel vehicles has led to a fundamental shift in the European automotive market. But are consumers ready to change lanes?

A new YouGov white paper, The European Electric Car Market, asked people in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and The United Kingdom about their attitudes towards electric cars. The study identified consumer sentiments on a national level and across all nine countries – exploring why drivers might be motivated to buy an electric car, the barriers that might put them off a purchase, and whether or not current owners of electric cars are happy with their vehicles.

Beyond general attitudes, the white paper investigates two markets where consumers take highly divergent attitudes to electric cars: Norway, where legal incentives have contributed to a market that is more likely to embrace these vehicles, and Germany – the only nation in our group where electric car recommendations are in the negative zone (-12%).

The European Electric Car Market also highlights how consumer opinion changed between January and June 2020: six months that saw the COVID-19 crisis affect public health, economies, and automotive markets all over the world.

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