Who’s watching TV during the day?
September 10th, 2020, YouGov

Who’s watching TV during the day?

YouGov data shows that COVID-19 lockdown hasn’t changed the proportion of Britons watching daytime TV

The proportion of Britons tuning in to daytime TV has not changed over the last year, despite the coronavirus outbreak forcing vast swathes of the population to stay at home during the day rather than commuting to work.

YouGov Profiles data collected over the last 90 days shows us that 34% of Britons have watched TV between 9am and 5.29pm in the preceding month. And if we look at the same data, but collected during the entire last year, the figure is a relatively similar 35%.

This lack of change raises the possibility that daytime TV is holds no attraction for those recently forced to work from home.

Daytime TV viewers are also more likely to be watching TV at any time of day than the general public. For instance, 84% watch during the late peak (8-11pm) compared to 63% of all Brits, and 81% watch during the early peak (5.30-8pm), compared to 53% of Brits.

One in five (21%) are even watching TV between half past midnight and 6am, compared to only 11% of all Britons.

Indeed, daytime TV viewers are much more likely to describe themselves as “TV addicts” (43%) than the public at large (30%).


They are also much more likely than the average Brit to say they rely on TV to stay informed.

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